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Posted 16:11PM on September 13 2013 by Andy | Categories: Tooth Colored Fillings

Long before Beaver Stadium made national headlines during the storied 2005 “White-Out” game versus Ohio State, the dental profession had a dramatic white-out of its own kind.  Advances in modern dental materials and techniques began offering methods to create a more aesthetically beautiful smile.  White, composite, or tooth-colored fillings, are a great option for patients who want their teeth to look natural when they talk, laugh and smile.   In fact, my wife came to me shortly after we were married with this very request.  She says that it has given her greater confidence about her every day interactions.  It is almost impossible to identify the fillings in her smile.  At your next appointment, we can review my “Before and After” case studies  featuring this cosmetic procedure.  I am proud of the results my team has achieved.

Because they blend well with tooth enamel, white fillings are  the best option if your tooth restoration is near the front of your mouth.    The majority of tooth colored fillings can be completed in just one visit,  but may take a bit longer than silver fillings.  After decay is removed and the tooth is kept free of saliva, an adhesive is applied along with thin layers of white composite.  The restoration is then hardened with a curing light for less than a minute.  The result:  white-out!

You should also know the advantages of tooth colored fillings:  they require less of the healthy tooth structure to be removed to hold the filling in place because composite materials bond to teeth adhesively.   This is a benefit to your health.

Although I find cosmetic dentistry compelling,  I realize that you may not want to read about the history, science and artistry behind this procedure.   For those of you that would like more in-depth information, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, of which I am a Sustaining Member, has more information at http://www.aacd.com/index.php?module=cms&page=579 

 You don’t have to wait for the Michigan game for your white-out!